Custom Hydraulic Power Unit Design

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. is experienced with the design and supply of customer-specific custom hydraulic power units, in both the OEM and MRO markets.

Quality Hydraulics’ engineering capability has addressed from standard to sophisticated and unusual design challenges.

Most hydraulic power units operate with convention mineral based hydraulic fluids; however, Quality Hydraulics has provided specialized units to operate with unusual fluids, such as Mil-H-83282 aircraft fluid or fire–resistant fluids. Other systems are able to function with high viscous fluid, such as brake fluid, at temperatures of -40°F providing pressure-compensated flow to test stations.

In addition to specialized design, standard features with each hydraulic power unit include:

  • Float level switch to protect the pump should the fluid level drop below a safe operating level.
  • Fluid temperature gauge mounted on the reservoir wall to be able to constantly monitor the fluid temperature. Provides longevity to the fluid and system operation.
  • Reservoir breather to draw in clean air while the reservoir fluid raises and lowers during hydraulic system cycling.
  • Pump/motor couplings or other moving parts covered to provide safe operation for any personnel who may be around or servicing the unit.
  • Reservoirs provided with access/cleanout doors to permit easy cleaning of the reservoir interior when this scheduled maintenance is performed. This can be access plates in the reservoir ends or a hinged reservoir cover.

Quality Hydraulics employs the most energy efficient components and designs to produce the best hydraulic power unit for each application. The latest technology, such as using variable frequency drives on electric motors, is always considered. For example, the variable frequency drive would consume much less energy, up to possibly 30% less, than conventional hydraulic pump drives. When machine cycling has extended dwell periods, hydraulic accumulators are incorporated to store energy and provide a system that consumes less overall energy.

Fluid heaters and fluid heat exchangers are used to regulate fluid temperature to a steady state which preserves the life of the hydraulic fluid. Clean hydraulic fluid contributes to the longest life for hydraulic systems and is absolutely essential if the system includes proportional or servo controls. The highest performance and cost-effective filtration insures that both the hydraulic power units and their associated components will provide the longest possible life expectancy.

Quality Hydraulics also reviews the electrical and electronic requirements for any custom system and provides, from a single source, a complete hydraulic and electrical package.

Specialized hydraulic power units, and their associated specialized electronic controls, are able to successfully address even the most complex system requirements, fluids and operational concerns.