What We Do

Smarter system designPressure compensation in hydraulic systems
starts with your goals 

  • Reduce bounce in moving components
  • Make equipment safer with emergency system design
  • Give operators the ability to fine tune control, speed and shifting
  • Detect equipment malfunctions before systems fail
  • Ensure fluid cleanliness prior to product shipment

The Certified Fluid Power Specialists, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, and software engineers at Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, start by learning your goals, listening to your equipment and manufacturing challenges, and gathering your initial ideas for possible solutions.

Then we come together to brainstorm and design solutions using the highest quality products from the world's most trusted hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic component manufacturers.

Next, we test possible solutions, bringing prototypes to the field and to the factory floor.

Here's what you get.

Fully integrated hardware, software and electronic components, delivered exactly when you need them, on time, based on your sales forecasts to reduce work for your purchasing department and inventory stocking at your warehouse.

If you're ready to make your equipment move faster, smoother, more efficiently, give us a call.

From sizing to troubleshooting to integration to delivery, the Certified Fluid Power Specialists at Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. has been saving companies like yours time and money while improving performance for 40 years.

Call (847) 680-8400 or send us an email.

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