Pneumatic Safety Products

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. distributes pneumatic safety products in Illinois and Northwest Indiana.

Please visit the Ross Controls pages for detailed product information. We can combine products to create a customized solution for your specific needs.

Pneumatic safety products are used for lockout/tagout applications and pneumatic metalforming press controls. Our products are endorsed by industry organizations for their design and performance to complement the needs for safe machine controls.

Pneumatic Safety Products

  • Control-reliable 3/2 & 5/2 pneumatic valves with BG certification
  • Pneumatic internally monitored double valves for safety applications
  • Control-reliable double valves
  • Manual and solenoid L-O-X® valves for energy isolation
  • EEZ-ON® valves for gradual start-up
  • Manual L-O-X® valves with EEZ-ON® operation
  • Modular L-O-X® air entry combination
  • Stainless steel L-O-X® valves for energy isolation
  • Sensing valves category 2 monitored in-line valves
  • Pilot operated check valves (single/double channel sensing available)
  • Check valves
  • HOZE-FUZE® to prevent hose whip
  • Silencers & re-classifiers
  • Lockout verification accessories

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Pneumatic Safety Product Applications

ROSS Controls - DM2 Control Reliable Double Valves. 

In the video below, Eric from ROSS Controls discusses DM2 Control Reliable Double Valves. ROSS safety exhaust (dump) valve with dynamic monitoring and memory. Compliant to ANSI B11.1, CSA 142, NR12, ISO 13849 safety standards.

ROSS Controls - CrossMirror Double Valves. 

In the video below Eric discusses CrossMirror Double Valves. ROSS 4-way solenoid pilot or pressured control reliable double valve for applications that require a cylinder to be returned to its home position in a fault condition. Compliant to ANSI B11.2, CSA 142, ISO 13849, NR12, EN13736 safety standards.

ROSS Controls pneumatic energy isolation for lockout-tagout

ROSS Controls' Eric Cummings shares with Editor Miles Budimir about ROSS' new Stainless Steel Lockout Valve at Pack Expo 2012 in Chicago.

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