Quality Hydraulics distributes hydraulic and pneumatic intensifiers by Bucher HydraulicsConcentricHydro-Line and Yuken Hydraulics.

Contact Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. with your requirements for customized pneumatic and hydraulic intensifiers.

Hydraulic & pneumatic intensifiers can be used in industrial and mobile applications. Intensifiers can be gear type or cylinder type devices. Intensifiers can convert low-pressure air to high-pressure air; convert low-pressure air to high-pressure hydraulic; and convert low-pressure hydraulic fluid to high-pressure hydraulic fluid. Intensifiers are at times also referred to as boosters.


  • Flow rates vary and are governed by the ratio of intensification
  • Intensified operating pressures up to 30,000 PSI                                        
  • Incorporating Intensifiers can promote efficiency and conserve energy
  • Intensification products can be made by combining standard hydraulic components into assemblies resulting in specific intensification solutions.

Please visit the Bucher Hydraulics, ConcentricHydro-Lline and Yuken Hydraulics pages for detailed product information.

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