Stack Valves

Quality Hydraulics distributes stack valves by Bucher Hydraulics and Compact Hydraulics in Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.

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Most hydraulic circuits use directional control valves to control the actuators’ (cylinders and hydraulic motors) positions, direction of movement, and force exerted. In addition to the basic directional controls, various other functions and features are incorporated by using stacking valves.

These sectional valves can combine many features into a single valve assembly by “stacking” various control functions together. For example, stack valves can provide flow (speed) control, direct check valve (E-stop) control, pressure reduction and pressure relief control. These added components improve the circuit’s flexibility by combining different options using a building block approach. A single valve stack can offer a complex combination of hydraulic circuitry, with force, direction and flow controls combined into one assembly. Stack valves can be easily disassembled for service or for adding options and functions.

Stack valves increase system performance by greatly reducing the number of potential leakage points in the system. Generally, stack valves and their associated directional control valves are matched, designed to handle comparable flows, thereby reducing the worry of pressure drops and the resultant heat production in the system.

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