Oil Filter Carts

MP Filtri's DH100 Dehydrator and Filter Cart is designed to efficiently remove water and eliminate the negative effects of water and dirt particles in hydraulic systems.

Water in mineral oil promotes oil degradation by accelerated oil aging, increased foaming (and resultant cavitation), reduced lubrication, oxidation/rust and deterioration of the oil additives, resulting in costly component wear, maintenance and failure. Water is present as a result of ambient humidity, splash water, water ingested past hydraulic seals, on cylinders for example and is present in all new oil.

The DH100 dehydrator cart extends component life and increases "up-time" by efficiently removing free, dissolved and emulsified water and dirt from oils and lubrication fluids. The cart is easily connected to the reservoir in minutes, for example the suction line is connected to a convenient point on the reservoir and the return line is inserted to the filler point. The DH100 has a built in particle counter and moisture meter for real time results. The DH100 Dehydrator in a typical 100-gallon reservoir will lower the water concentration from 2400ppm (parts per million)* to 400ppm overnight/10 to 12 hour period, while at the same time removing harmful contamination from the oil. Water levels approaching 500ppm in systems is detrimental.

The DH100 is based on a quality design and construction and is cost effective, economical, compact and easy to use and store. Design includes built in dirt indicator and oil heater for maximum efficiency and is ideal in cooler climates.

The DH100 Dehydrator/Filter is designed to provide extended performance. The dehydrator element has a service life of 4 years, with daily use and the filter is a high capacity element. The dehydrator eliminates daily replacement and disposal costs of expensive water removal cartridges.

The DH100 cart is ideal to empty or fill a reservoir. In minutes a 55-gallon/200 liter drum of oil can be filtered and transferred into the tank. The DH100 is ideal for both industrial and mobile applications insuring clean fluid transfer.


  • Removes 'free', dissolved and emulsified water and dirt from hydraulic systems
  • Extends component life
  • Reduces maintenance costs by extending component life and increasing 'up' time
  • Eliminates costs of water removal cartridge costs and cartridge disposal
  • High capacity 3-micron absolute filter element standard, for maximum dirt removal.
  • Built–in heating system for maximum water removal rate and is ideal for cooler climates
  • Cost effective and economical in a compact and portable unit.
  • Convenient, provides for overnight water removal
  • Easily connected to reservoir in 5 minutes
  • For all Mobile and Industrial applications
  • Quality design and construction, includes filter dirt indicator.
  • Ideal for filtering and transferring oil from the barrel to the reservoir insuring cleanliness

* Water contamination levels approaching 500ppm (0.05%) will decrease the life of hydraulic components by promoting corrosive wear. Above 1000ppm, catastrophic failure of high-pressure piston pumps is possible. This is due to the resulting decrease in lubricating film strength and increase in frictional heating of the piston shoe, cylinder block and bearing surfaces. In addition, water lowers the vapor pressure of hydraulic fluids and can cause pump cavitation. 400ppm and lower are considered ideal for most fluids. Email us for pricing. We serve Illinois, Iowa and Indiana.

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