Hydraulic Power Units

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. combines the expertise from on-staff Fluid Power Specialists with the components best suited to provide both standard and custom hydraulic power units.

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These hydraulic power units are individually and specifically tailored to perform functions in both mobile and industrial applications.

Quality Hydraulics distributes hydraulic power unit components from ARGO-HYTOS, Concentric (Haldex), Compact Hydraulics, and Yuken Hydraulics

Hydraulic power units can be configured with many specific design features such as:

  • Motor/pump on reservoir design
  • Overhead reservoir design which places the motor/pump assembly under the reservoir
  • L-shaped design which places the pump/motor assembly next to the reservoir

Both of these latter designs provide for a flooded pump suction line. This allows a positive head of fluid to flood the pump’s suction port and protects the pump from cavitation. Preventing cavitation insures that the pump will provide its rated system life.

Hydraulic power units can incorporate from one gallon to a 500-gallon reservoir, or even larger depending upon the total system requirement. Pumps can range from one quart/minute of flow to 100 gallon/minute flow or even larger when incorporating multiple pumps, again depending upon the system requirement.

Many specific products are suitable for high-pressure and/or high-flow specifications and therefore are used extensively for product testing applications. These products are highly reliable and quite durable for high cycle applications.

Power pack manufacturers design hydraulic power units to achieve system pressures from 100 psi up to 30,000 psi, depending on the application’s requirements. Available in fractional horsepower up to a 200 HP motor size, or even larger if needed. In addition, multiple motors and pumps can make up the hydraulic supply.

Clean hydraulic fluid contributes to the longest life for hydraulic systems and is absolutely essential if the system includes proportional or servo controls. The highest performance and cost-effective filtration insures that both hydraulic power units and their associated components will provide the longest possible life expectancy.

Standard features with each hydraulic power unit include:

  • Float level switch to protect the pump should the fluid level drop below a safe operating level.
  • Fluid temperature gauge mounted on the reservoir wall to be able to constantly monitor the fluid temperature. Provides longevity to the fluid and system operation.
  • Reservoir breather to draw in clean air while the reservoir fluid raises and lowers during hydraulic system cycling.
  • Pump/motor couplings or other moving parts are always covered to provide safe operation for any personnel who may be around or servicing the unit.
  • Reservoirs are provided with access/cleanout doors to permit easy cleaning of the reservoir interior when this scheduled maintenance is performed. This can be access plates in the reservoir ends or a hinged reservoir cover.

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