Hydraulic Manifolds

Hydraulic manifolds simplify system design by combining multiple functions and porting into a single aluminum or steel body.

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Multiple cartridges provide the necessary control functions of the hydraulic system. Hydraulic manifolds are designed for energy efficiency, reducing pressure loss and reducing heat. System cleanliness and reliability are assured by proper cleaning, anodizing or plating, 100% testing, and robust design criteria. Manifolds reduce the “footprint” of hydraulic controls, reduce the number of connections to help prevent leaks and minimize assembly time.

Quality Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Inc. is one of the largest HydraForce distributors in the U.S. and stocks a large inventory to support integrated hydraulic solutions.

Following are key benefits of HydraForce manifolds:

  • Highly automated processes and controls insure a consistent, reliable product.
  • Every HydraForce manifold goes through a minimum of four cleaning and deburring operations.
  • All aluminum manifolds are anodized for cleanliness, added surface hardening and corrosion protection. Ductile and steel manifolds are zinc plated.
  • Every HydraForce manifold is hydraulic function-tested to a documented customer/product-specific test procedure.

The HydraForce U.S. and U.K. facilities conform to the requirements of the ISO 9001 Certified Standard.

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