Machine Controllers

Quality Hydraulics distributes machine controllers in Illinois, Iowa, and Indiana.

Call 1-847-680-8400 or email us for pricing and assistance.

General-purpose, programmable machine controllers are designed to withstand the real-world environmental demands of the off-highway mobile market. They can be used as stand-alone controllers, or for integrating into a CAN network with other devices. They feature flexible input and output configuration, and are capable of driving up to 3.0 amps per output pin.

Other machine controllers are dedicated to specialty purposes such as total machine controllers and parison controllers for blow molding machine. Motion controllers are for general machine applications.

One of the controllers we offer is designed specifically for use with hydraulic systems as it features include compensation factors for differential areas of hydraulic cylinders which doesn’t require any special programming.

Quality Hydraulics also provide custom machine controllers such as motor starter panels, operator’s stations, and PLC control panels.

Please visit the HydraForce page for detailed product information. We also distribute machine controllers by Delta Computer Sytems and can combine products to create a solution for your specific customized needs.

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