Hydraulic Joystick Controls

Quality Hydraulics distributes electronic joystick controllers from OEM Controls in Illinois and Iowa.

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In many applications, control of the machine or piece of equipment needs to be in the hands of the operator, with close proximity to the equipment. When this is true, an electronic hydraulic joystick can be an invaluable addition to the hydraulic system.

These hydraulic joysticks can be as simple a single axis lever, commanding a piece of equipment and helping to propel forward and reverse at varying speeds, depending how the joystick is operated by the operator. The joysticks could also be very complicated control devices with multiple axes of movement commands and with push buttons for other auxiliary functions, such as could be found on an excavator.  

In addition to the joystick hardware, most systems require the associated electronics and software that can be designed into the joystick to give them intelligence for smooth control and safety. The nearly unlimited potential for both applications and features of these electronic joysticks offers design engineers a wide variety of operational choices for a machine or a piece of equipment. 

Multi-Axis Joystick Controllers

JS Series multi-axis controllers are engineered to meet the requirements of a wide variety of industries.
• Variety of available handles
• Cross, single or custom gates
• Compatible UFO Electronics
• Neoprene weathertight boot construction
• Spring return, friction hld and custom detent options
• Zinc cast metal construction
• Resistant to oil, maritime climate, ozone and UV

Single-Axis Joystick Controllers

MS Series controllers are modular, compact and rugged-- offering a great combination of flexibility and affordability.

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