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Authorized Murrelektronik distributor serving Illinois and Eastern Iowa. 

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Murrelektronik offers a comprehensive product range for electrical and electronic installation concepts.

All products are engineered down to the smallest detail to ensure they will work well not only with each other but also with your existing system. The wide variety of products allows you to build a system that meets your installation needs no matter whether you are talking about lowering installation and/or operating costs or simply putting together a more efficient machine.

For mobile equipment installations Murr offers...

  • NEW! xtreme DB distribution blocks with ports for Deutsch connectors
  • Deutsch-compatible connectors with LED
  • M12 connectors
  • Valve plugs
  • Custom controllers and panels
  • Double valve plugs

Murrelektronik product brochures (PDF):

Murrelektronik Mobile Hydraulic Connectivity

Murrelektronik M8 M12 Valve Plugs

Murr extreme DB distribution block with ports for Deutsch connetctors

Murrelektronik recently announced the availability of a distribution block designed to deliver more power and better performance to the mobile vehicles market. Designed with ports for Deutsch connectors, the new xtreme DB provides up to three times the current carrying capacity compared to blocks of similar size, along with design efficiencies that will help to transform the way control systems are developed by heavy-duty vehicle builders.

xtreme DB blocks with Deutsch connectors have eight I/O ports and 16 configurable outputs and can do the work of multiple ordinary blocks using standard M12 connectors. As an example, in one competitive application for the rail industry, the number of blocks required would drop from 20 to 12, with an accompanying reduction in harness size, shorter cable runs and improved serviceability.

The xtreme DB is specifically designed to meet the power distribution needs of heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers who build agricultural machines, railway and construction equipment, trucks for fire and rescue, road and utility maintenance, garbage collection, and other mission specific vehicles.

The xtreme DB is available in five configurations and utilizes J1939, the standard communications network for sharing control and diagnostic information between electronic control units on heavy duty and commercial vehicles.


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