Proper Cartridge Valve Removal Techniques

By Tom Eystad, CFPS

The first step in safely removing a cartridge valve from a manifold is to make sure the hydraulic system does not have any stored energy. Make sure trapped pressure is released by shifting valves, etc. and draining accumulator circuits, if the system has one.

  1. Clean the area around the cartridge to be removed to prevent contamination from falling into the cartridge cavity.
  2. If it’s a solenoid valve, remove the coil nut and slide the coil(s) off the cartridge. If there is a spacer between the coils, retain it in the proper position.
  3. With a proper fitting wrench, loosen the cartridge by turning counterclockwise. 
  4. After cartridge is out, protect the cavity to keep contamination from entering.
  5. If the cartridge is to be reinstalled, keep it clean and protected from damage.