HydraForce ECDR: An Overview

By Bob Wocjik

The ECDR is an Electronic Configurable Driver from HydraForce. The ECDR is ideal for use in situations such as:

  • A simple machine control with a handful of actuators
  • A complex system where just a few more PWM outputs or inputs are needed
  • Remote I/O expansion or optional equipment add-on
  • Any hardwired or CAN bus-based I/O supplement

The ECDR can approach a full-featured controller due to its custom logic programmability but at a much lower cost. Single and dual-output ECDRs can mount directly onto valve coil Deutsch connectors, saving space and harnessing.

However, the best feature is the free HF-Impulse software that allows configuration, programming, testing, and flashing the ECDR. A graphical interface of interconnected, predefined blocks makes it easy to create complex logic quickly. Larger ECDRs support standard-based CoDeSys programming.

Is the HydraForce ECDR Right For Me?

For ease of integration, rapidity of setup, robustness, and reliability, the ECDR is tough to beat. To learn more about Hydraforce ECDR click here

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